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  • Mini vibrator with power-bullet motor
  • Deep, shaking and multi-speed vibrations
  • Press & Hold, Quick-Off, travel lock
  • With a Swarovski crystal
  • Silicone with Soft Touch texture
  • Rechargeable – USB cable included


“Flirty” always good for pillow talk!
This teal mini vibrator really has everything that a (woman’s) heart desires: a great colour, beautiful curves, a soft surface, a bit of glitter and of course arousing vibrations.

“Flirty” is perfect for a bit of ecstasy in between times because. It is small enough to fit in a handbag, which means that it can give pleasure even on the go. The vibrator has a straight shaft with a slightly rounded tip and stimulating grooves – it really is pure pleasure . It slides into the intimate area almost on its own, thanks to its velvety soft surface. Once it is in place, the button at the bottom of the shaft unleashes its power. However, this button is no ordinary button – it is a real Swarovski stone that sparkles beautifully when it catches the light.

However this vibrator doesn’t just look good – it also has a lot to offer as well. This new favourite has a powerful motor that can provide deep vibrations (at the push of a button) which will catapult the user into ecstasy. Press the button down for longer to adjust the vibrations. The vibrator has multi-speed vibrations. The vibrator also has a Quick-Off function that turns it off straight away. It has a travel lock as well that prevents it from turning itself on and therefore avoids embarrassing moments. If this new lover runs out of power, it can easily be recharged with the included USB cable – it’ll then be ready for the next round of fun.

Complete length 11 cm, Ø 2.2 cm.


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