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Me You Us Heavy Metal anal beads are the ultimate accessory for those that love gradual pleasure as well as pleasure seekers that appreciate temperature play.

These anal beads feature solid weighted metal that can be heated up or cooled down and the super smooth finish makes them a luxurious addition to your toy box. These weighted anal beads measures 22.5cm in length and you can insert the beads one by one for incredible pleasure at your own pace.

They’re latex and phthalate free and are compatible with water and silicone based lubricants. These beads have a flexible cord that gives you exceptional freedom of movement and the waterproof design adds versatility to bottom play. The retrieval loop allows you to remove them easily when you’re ready.

(Top tip - remove these anal beads at the point of climax for an unforgettable sensation!).


Measurements (approx.)

Length: 22.5cm/8.75inc

Girth: 6cm/2.3inc

Weight: 121g

Heavy Metal Anal Beads Silver

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