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  • Seductive board game for couples – in English
  • With erotic tasks right up to the climax
  • Whoever orgasms before the end of the game loses
  • Duration: 45–60 minutes


Who will come last?
This seductive board game is perfect for couples who are newly in love or for couples who want to discover something new in their relationship. The game starts with easy tasks to warm up. The tasks get hotter and hotter during the game and end in love-making. Increasing sexual desire is guaranteed – but be careful: neither person should orgasm before the game is over! If one partner comes too soon, then they have to fulfill all their partner's sexual desires.

For 2 players, duration: 45–60 minutes. Content: 1 game board, 52 task cards, 2 playing pieces, 1 dice, 1 hourglass. English version.


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