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We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

Alias Female Strap On
Product Details The Alias female strap-on features elasticated heavy-duty straps that are easily adjusted to hold the realistic looking dildo firmly in place. Great for girl on girl or girl on boy action.
Price: 40,00 €
Inflatable Seat With Dong Out Of Stock
Product Dtails Take the ride of your life with the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat! With a firm jelly multi-speed dong anchored in the middle of the cushion, this seat is not designed for resting. The air-seal valve makes inflating the hot seat a snap ? just add air and you?re off. Place the hot seat on a level surface, select your desired vibration on the hand-held battery pack, then savor every stroke. Designed for those long, hard rides, the cushion?s flocked material and E-Z Grip Luv Handles make the journey more enjoyable. After the fun is over, squeeze the valve to release the air and tuck your Hot Seat away. As always, use plenty of personal lubricant for all your adventures. A one-strap blindfold is included for heightened sensations. Two AA batteries, not included, are required for vibrations. The inflatable Hot Seat holds up to 300 lbs.
Price: 55,00 €
Hollow Extender Strap
Product Details The Everlasting Dong will give you just that. This 6.5" strap-on set has a high quality latex dong, which is has a veined, life-like shaft. The dong has multi-speed vibration to send shivers down the spine, and all over. Importantly, the dong is hollow. This allows the wearer to insert himself into the dong and be in the right position to deliver some good lovin'. The harness is elasticated to allow it to fit most hips. Get ready for some everlasting love.(2AA)
Price: 48,00 €
This strap-on set consists of a firm, 6.5" veined latex dildo and an elastic harness. It has multi-speed vibration to spice things up and is a great first strap-on for those just starting on their voyage of strap-on discovery.(2AA)
Price: 36,00 €
Sharon Sloane, Double G Pleasure - Black OUT OF STOCK
The Sharon Sloane Latex Collection combines high quality materials with fun and very sexy design. All the products in this range should be used in conjunction with a Shiner to achieve the gloss effect. These products are packed with a covering of protective talc, and all available in three sizes. These sizes are for guidance purposes only (Based on U.K sizes): Small: 8 - 10 Medium: 10 - 12 Large: 12 - 14
Price: 40,00 €
Clitoral Vibrating Pump with Powerful Vacuum, Multi-Speed
This item has a hand operated pump system, which allows you to control the pressure of the suction. Once you have found your ideal pressure, you can activate the multi-speed vibration. Suction + Vibration = Absolute Pleasure.
Price: 19,00 €
Perfect Pointers Silicone Breast Enhancers Out Of Stock
These 100% silicone breast enhancers help give mother nature a little bost. Subtle and discreet, these enhance your look and can bring extra confidence.
Price: 38,00 €
Fetish Fantasy Extreme Latex Ball Gag Mask Out Of Stock
Take your fetish fantasies to the next level with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Ball Gag Mask. Made from high quality latex and featuring an internal soft rubber penis-gag, this stylish half-hood is perfect for beginners who are uncomfortable having a mask fully cover their head. The seductive eye cutouts still allow your subject to see and breathe, while the the penis-shaped gag is big enough to ensure your subject wont say a word. Experience the thrill of sensory deprivation and explore your most extreme fetish fantasies! One size fits most.
Price: 50,00 €
Mounty 5 Realistic Vibrator Out Of Stock
Mounty 5 Realistic Vibrator. This 7" multi seed dong not only bends with your every movement, it comes with a super suction cup which will stick to almost any surface. Stick it and see!! 2 x AA batteries
Price: 38,00 €
Orgasmus Love Balls OUT OF STOCK
Soft Rubber Orgasmus Balls .These Soft Rubber Orgasmus Balls have internal balls, which provide constant movement. When you move, they move! Ideal for those who have never experienced a ben-wa ball before, these are small and discreet. The Orgasmus balls have a handy string attachment for easy removal and will soon have you converted to the way of the ben-wa.
Price: 12,00 €
Clitoral Kisses Vibrating Pump
Kisses Vibrating Clit Pump with Powerful Vacuum, Multi-Speed - Red (Batts Inc.).This item has a hand operated pump system, which allows you to control the pressure of the suction. Once you have found your ideal pressure, you can activate the multi-speed vibration. Suction + Vibration = Absolute Pleasure.
Price: 20,00 €
Masseuse Nipple Pump
This nipple sucker is very easy to operate. Simply place the sucker where you want sucking and use the bulb to create the suction. Very easy, very satisfying.
Price: 13,00 €
Kisses Nipple Pump
Kisses Nipple Pump with Multi-Speed Vibration - Pink. Treat your nipples to the double pleasure of suction and vibration with this pump. The high-pressure suction bulb gets nipples erect fast and the powerful, multi-speed vibe tingles and tantalizes them. Your nipples will thank you for it.(Batts Inc.)
Price: 18,00 €
Nipple clamps OUT OF STOCK
Squeeze & Please nipple clamps will have you begging for more, as they straddle the fine line between pleasure and pain with perfection. These nipple clamps are designed for bondage beginners and pros alike - they’re easy to use and put pressure just where you need it for extra intensity during play.

These clamps measure 5.5cm in length with a chain length of 42cm. Each clamp has a width of 2.5cm and the pressure adjusting screws allow you to tailor the stimulation to suit your experience level and your mood. These clamps also have soft comfort pads to the tips that allow you to focus on your pleasure as you play in comfort. They have a compact design and are free from phthalates and latex. These PVC and aluminium clamps add extra sensation to your partner pleasure but they also add visual impact and are a stunning addition to any bondage look when worn as a stimulating erotic accessory.
Price: 13,00 €
Squeeze N Please Beaded Clit Clip
The Squeeze & Please body clip adds a pinch to pleasure and you can simply alter it’s placement for more or less intensity wherever you need it. This clip has been designed for sensual play and is perfect for adding just a touch of kink to your partner sessions.

This body clip adds sensation wherever you place it and the waterproof design makes it perfect for bath or shower play. This toy measures 10.5cm in length and has decorative beading for a unique look and feel. It’s latex and phthalate free and is great for couples that are just starting to add kink to their partner pleasure. This kinky body clip pushes the boundaries between pleasure and pain and is perfect for use on any area that loves extra attention during play.
Price: 8,00 €
Beginner Pelvic Exerciser
Basics - Isis Beginner Pelvic Exerciser
Price: 23,00 €
A Pair of Gold Plated Heart Nipple Charms OUT OF STOCK
A Pair of Gold Plated Heart Nipple Charms
Price: 15,00 €
Pair of Captive Bead None Piercing Nipple Rings
Pair of Captive Bead None Piercing Nipple Rings
Price: 12,00 €
Je JouL ami
Have fun when you exercise your Kegel muscles with the luxurious Ami Pelvic Floor Exercisers..Kegel balls are weighted vaginal exercisers that cause the pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax naturally as the weights inside move around. It’s a brilliant way of targeting the pelvic floor muscles and an excellent addition to your usual kegel exercise routine. Evidence suggests that using kegel balls whilst contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor is the most effective form of treatment as it is resistance exercise. Just like lifting weights at the gym, our muscles work harder and become stronger when they have something to work against. Je Joue is a leading British manufacture which specialises in combining beauty and pleasure in their range of adult toys. Here they offer their Ami Kegel balls, designed not only to tighten your pelvic floor muscles but to give you a good time as you exercise. Ami look and feel sensual in a gorgeous deep plum colour and covered in silky-soft body-friendly silicone.The Ami set has three trainers in graduating weights and sizes to allow you to gradually build up your muscle strength. Ami 1 is a large, soft and lightweight single ball, suitable for those who are brand new to kegel exercising and have little muscle strength. Ami 2 is a medium-sized double ball, slightly heavier but still soft. Ami 3 is a small, hard and heavy double ball, designed for the most advanced users who have built up good muscle tone. Je Joue Ami Pelvic Floor Exerciser was tested by the editor of Vogue
When the balls are worn, weights inside them naturally move around which causes the pelvic floor muscles to contract and also gives pleasant sensations. With regular use your pelvic muscles will become stronger and you’ll enjoy increased sexual sensation, so not only will you have fun training your muscles with Ami, you’ll enjoy the long-term effects in the bedroom too. Of course there’s also the benefit of increased bladder control as the pelvic floor muscles become more toned. If you suffer from stress or urge incontinence the Ami exercisers will have brilliant results with some women reporting that after just a week they began to see their incontinence reduced.

As with any other kind of exercise, it’s important to keep it up even after reaching the level of fitness that you want. We recommend that you exercise every day if possible, but once you have worked your way up to Ami 3 and feel confident that you have complete control you should continue to exercise once or twice a week to keep your muscles in tip top condition.

The smooth, round shape and texture of the Ami set means they are very comfortable to insert with a little water-based lubricant and easy to clean with warm soapy water.

Price: 45,00 €
Sexual Balls Purple
The SEXUAL BALLS are made of odourless, tolerable, and comfortable high ABS. The Love Balls are inserted into the vagina, where they bring your pelvic floor muscles in shape. Well-trained vagina muscles provide a more intense orgasm by stronger contractions...
Price: 18,00 €
Nipple Sucker
Our Nipple Sucker has 2 nipple erection rings. A gentle little suction device for enhancing and raising your nipples. Here is how it works: Slip the O-ring on the vacuum tube and just apply to the nipple. Squeeze for light, comfortable suction! Wear thos
Price: 18,00 €
Fetish Fantasy Nipple Clamps OUT OF STOCK
Nipples Clamps With Chain Completely Made Of Silvery Metal. The Terminals, Which Will Squeeze The Nipples In An Erotic Grip, Are Linked Together By A Chain That Underlines The Fetish And Aggressive Design! Immerse Yourself In The Sado-Pleasures In Heavy Metal Style!
Price: 17,00 €
Neon Pasties Hot Pink
Neon Pasties Hot Pink Each pack includes 2 Self Adhesive Pasties, they will effectively hide your thunder while allowing you to shine! Our pasties are great for raves and rendezvous, parties and poolsides, and festivals or fashion emergencies. Wear for evenings out,with daring dresses or to...Sexy and Fun
Price: 14,00 €
Neon Pasties Purple
Neon Pasties Purple Each pack includes 2 Self Adhesive Pasties, they will effectively hide your thunder while allowing you to shine! Our pasties are great for raves and rendezvous, parties and poolsides, and festivals or fashion emergencies. Wear for evenings out,with daring dresses or to...Sexy and Fun
Price: 14,00 €
Red and Black Pasties OUT OF STOCK
Each pack includes 2 Self Adhesive Pasties, they will effectively hide your thunder while allowing you to shine! Our pasties are great for raves and rendezvous, parties and poolsides, and festivals or fashion emergencies. Wear for evenings out,with daring dresses or to...Sexy and Fun

Price: 14,00 €
Bad Kitty Spreader string with Vibrator
Bad Kitty Spreader string with Vibrator
Price: 45,00 €
Fetish Fantasy Series Pleasure Pad
Fetish Fantasy Series Pleasure Pad Kit is a fun new way to use a strap-on. Turn your ordinary chair or table into a playground of pleasure! With 4 adjustable nylon straps and sturdy plastic clips, the soft lined pad slips over almost any seat or table and transforms it into your new favorite piece of furniture. When the action heats up, the dong stays in place and delivers orgasmic thrills! Set includes 2 rubber dongs, o-rings, pad, a free satin love mask and free lube samples. Dongs are made from phthalate free material. Fetish Fantasy Pleasure Pad is manufactured by Pipedream Products.
Price: 62,00 €
Bad Kitty Ponytail Mask
Mask with hole for face and pony hole. The front part is made of moldable material, the back part is lace. Mask rim and edges are made of thin elastic bands. Material: 90% polyamide, 10% elastane.
Price: 25,00 €
Ultra Passionate Sensual comfort strap on
Take your intimate play with your other half to the next level with this fantastic his-or-hers harness!
Slip into this Strap-On Harness and have incredible pleasure together!
Padded front and back supports even heavier strap-on compatible toys!
Easily adjustable straps fit up to a 60" waist with comfort!
Four O-Rings are interchangeable, letting you use a variety of toys!
Perfect for anyone interested in adding a Strap-On Harness to the bedroom!
This Strap-On Harness is durable AND comfortable! The wide back panel offers support so you never need to worry about your toy of choice being too heavy to play with! The padded front panel is equally padded for comfort, and even has a sexy secret pocket that is perfectly sized to hold an arousing bullet vibrator!
Price: 42,00 €
Sensuelle Pleasure Panty OUT OF STOCK
Sensuelle Pleasure Panty R/c Bullet
White cotton panty with lace detail and side bounds (one size fits most). Features Amazingly powerful, yet discreet and quiet 15 functions USB rechargeable bullet USB rechargeable remote control Remote vibrates in sync with bullet USB charge ABS bullet coated in Medical grade silicone Charging time: 2 hours Running Time: 25-50 minutes
Battery Requirements: -
Sexual Wellness Material: Plastic
Sexual Wellness Power Source: Rechargeable
Women's Toys Types: Panty Vibrator
Dimensions: 1.5 inches (H) x 5.75 inches (W) x 7.5 inches (L)
Weight: 0.74 pounds
Price: 85,00 €
Vibrating Clit Massager
This is an oral simulator for the ladies! You alone determine how much is sucked on your desire pearl! Then you can also turn on the power vibration to the clitoris-sucker and completely dedicated to the clitoral orgasms of the extra class!
Violet-white clitoris suction cup with hand pump and extra adjustable vibration-controler
without batteries
Price: 43,00 €
Fetish Fantasy Series Designer Cuffs
Pink coloured cuffs made of quality metal with a hinge. Captivate your partner! Ideal for exciting role games in the bedroom. They come with two keys.
Price: 23,00 €

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