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Spanish Fly Extra
Product Details
Spanish Fly has long been a legendary aphrodisiac and for good reason.

Just a few drops will make him or her feel very, very horny.

Genitals literally tingle with anticipation and the only cure is SEX!!

Increases sexual desire tenfold!
Price: 18,00 €
Mr Thick Dick
Rub this specially formulated cream on his penis and watch as it grows and thickens. With heat giving properties, this unique formula is designed to stimulate a maximum erection - and it works! Pleasant to use, easily absorbed and sweet smelling for greater effect! Not only will you be happy with the results, but shell be happy with every thrust!
Price: 17,00 €
Super Dooz 34000 Spray
From the makers of Super Dragon 6000 the new Super DOOZ 34000 spray.

Their first spray with Vitamin E to nourish and activate the cells containing natural Vitamin E which is easily absorbed through local application. Especially formulated to reduce over sensitivity and pro-long sexual pleasure. Dragon's delay spray will exert a calming effect to aid sexual confidence.

Contains: Lidocaine USP + Vitamin E 1%

Volume: 45cc spray containing over 100 measured sprays.
Price: 18,00 €
Mendurance supplement is your wingman when you just need a little extra oomph. Designed for more fun, it’s your little secret that packs a big punch!
Price: 10,00 €
Quantity of tablet:
Yummy Cum Drops
Yummy cum drops, for a better taste and an increased quantity of sperm.

Not every woman is over the moon about the taste of sperm. Or rather: many women do not really like it. Yummy Cum Drops do away with this problem. Treat each other to additional sexual pleasure during orgasm. A better taste, a more powerful ejaculation and heightened consistency. Anchors away!

Many men consider the fact that their partner allows them to come in her mouth as the divine pinnacle of oral satisfaction. The sperm of every man and every orgasm is different. Sometimes it will taste sweeter than other times, there has never been a 100% guarantee of taste. Until recently.
When he uses Yummy Cum Drops, the male produces with each ejaculation the same pleasant taste. Just as food determines the quality of the sperm, you can now also influence its taste from the inside, using Yummy Cum Drops.
The male also produces more sperm which results in a heightened consistency. Thanks to a bigger production of semen, the male can climax more frequently and the ejaculation will be more powerful.

Swallowing sperm is harmless. It contains, among other things, Calcium, Keratin, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Vitamins B12 and C, Fructose and Zinc. Sperm is nutritious and easy to digest. 95% of the sperm proteins are the easiest to digest in the whole of nature. Sperm only contains 15 calories per ejaculation.
Price: 25,00 €
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Minx Embrace Vaginal Tightening Gel
Embrace vaginal tightening gel increases sexual pleasure and confidence by tightening the vaginal wall and maximising stimulation and excitement. This gel works to improve the elasticity of the vaginal wall, making it feel tighter. The high quality ingredients also nourish the delicate skin of the vagina.

Embrace vaginal tightening gel for women makes the vaginal skin feel firmer and smoother by naturally hydrating and nourished it. With regular use, this gel make sex feel more intense for both partners. This gel has a pleasant scent that’s neutral, and is quickly absorbed for effective, comfortable use.

The light texture makes it easy to apply and easy to spread on your skin. The formulation is balanced and includes restorative ingredients like Allantoin, Calendula, Aloe Vera, Hamamelis Virginia Leaf Extract and Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract. To use, simply apply to the external area on and around the vagina regularly.

New Thrill Me orgasm gel for women enhances sexual pleasure for her - it not only increases desire it also makes sex more intense. This stimulating gel contains high quality ingredients that gently warm the clitoris, making it more sensitive to touch and stimulation. It reduces friction and enhances sensitivity.
Price: 10,00 €
Linx Alpha Male Delay GEL
Linx Alpha Delay Gel allows him to play for longer, delaying ejaculation and inviting him to extend his partner play for a more powerful shared session.

This lubricant has a gentle anaesthetic effect that delays ejaculation, giving him more time to pleasure his partner and enjoy play for longer lasting fun.

This delay gel for men is simply applied to the skin around the penis, where it immediately gets to work. It has a light, natural texture and contains natural extracts like Metha Piperita Oil for cooling and numbing. This delay gel for men is the perfect essential for men who want to extend pleasure and power up their performance.
Price: 10,00 €
Minx Thrill Me Orgasm Gel, 50 ml, White
Thrill Me Orgasm Gel White 50 ml: just a tiny squeeze is all you need to go all the way, unique formula causes the vaginal tissue to temporarily contract. Gives tightness and warmth to increase pleasure for both partners.
Price: 10,00 €
NIPPLE TEEZE 15ml Tease GEL Enhancer Arousal Sensitivity Cream Sex Aid
15ml Tube Supplied

Heighten sensitivity, stimulate and drive each other wild with Nipple Teeze Intensifying Gel for both men and women.

Lightly massage and pinch the nipples until you feel the tingling sensation rush over you. Amazing results!

Ingredients: Purified Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Carbopol, Saccharin, Liposorb S-20, Coolact 10, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Flavor, Sodium Hydroxide.

Please Note: Results may vary from person to person.
Price: 10,00 €
Hot Oil – oil heat effect
Turn your hands on fire with HOT OIL heat effect oils. A delicious oil of kissable massage of intense heat effect to stimulate and prolong the pleasure during the preliminary games.
Price: 18,00 €
Shunga Chocolate Body Paint, 3.5-Ounce Bottle
hunga Erotic Art Body Painting Chocolate. Explore your love with these decadently flavored body treats. Combine adult play with romance. Use this aphrodisiac edible body paint to write love poems, draw hearts, flowers, and reveal your artistic side. It's insanely delicious. Unleash your artistic passions and slowly savor your work as you stroke edible designs on your partner with this erotic set. A generous bottle of chocolate paint is paired with a special paintbrush to allow you to draw designs, words, or pictures using your partner's sensitive skin as a canvas. Flavored with chocolate and a hint of vanilla, you'll have as much fun cleaning up as you do playing. Washes off skin easily with soap and water. Type: Edible Body Paint. Flavor: Chocolate. Volume: 3.5 ounces. Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Cacao, Citric Acid, Salt, Potassium Sorbate, Vanilla. Edible Body Painting Chocolate from Shunga Erotic Art.
Price: 28,00 €
Edible Chocolate Body Paint
Spice up things in the bedroom with your partner with this Chocolate Flavoured Body Paint. Great for giving a sexy massage and it taste great too!
Adult Novelty Fun, Couple, Stag/Hen Party Fun
120g Tube
Price: 10,00 €
Exotiq Massage Candle 200g
Soft and warm: Enjoy a wonderfully soft and warm massage with this Massage Candle by Exotiq; use this warm massage oil to pamper your partner with a relaxing massage.
Wonderful Scents: The massage candles by Exotiq spread wonderful scents; there are 4 different scents available for a total spa effect at home; enjoy smells like Ylang Ylang, Vanilla Amber, Violet Rose, Bamboo Orchids.
Easy to use: The candle has a handy spout that you (almost) cannot spill while pouring and therefore, no massage oil is lost.
Long burning time: The massage candle should burn for 15-20 minutes before use; the candle has a total burn time of 34-36 hours; you can massage a long time with the produced massage oil.
Made in Holland: Produced and manufactured in Netherlands; the products by Exotiq are medically tested; thereby they are safe and from good quality.
Price: 15,00 €
Plaisir Secret Massage Candle
Plaisir Secret

Candle made from 100% natural and eatable soy wax, specially designed for erotic massage. Light the candle and let the wax melt for a few minutes, while it turns into massage oil. Pour the warm oil in your hand and massage your partner's skin. Sold in a nice metallic heart box. Capacity: 35 ml.
Price: 10,00 €
Air Control Vibration Pump
Immediate power for your penis!
Put your penis into the red-transparent cylinder, where it will be kept safely embraced by a black latex ring. When sucking the air out of the cylinder with the handy rubber pump, you can see your penis grow stiff and full. Thanks to the handy pressure valve, the vacuum will even persist when the tube is disconnected, as long as you wish to practice.
Size of cylinder: 22 cm, interior Ø ca. 6.5 cm.
Price: 63,00 €
Power Pump
Trains HIM in a pleasurable way so that he will be in top (hard) shape!
Penis pump (made out of sturdy, smooth material) with powerful vibrations for strong erections and more. Insert your penis into the tight sleeve (TPE) that is inside the clear cylinder and then create an arousing vacuum with the pump. Then watch your penis grow inside the cylinder. Now you can turn on the vibro-bullet´s multi-speed vibrations and enjoy pure pleasure. Colour: transparent/black.
Cylinder 18.7 cm deep, inner Ø 5.3 cm, outer Ø 5.5-5.8 cm. Ø of sleeve opening 2.4 cm (flexible). Removable vibro-bullet and controls are attached to the pump with an elastic band. Material: TPE, PVC. (Please order batteries separately: 2 x Mignon).
Price: 53,00 €
Penis XXL Cream 80 ml - erectile stimulant cream
Penis XXL Cream 80 ml - cream is a top bestseller, because already thousandfold sold! The popular Penis Massage Cream XXL contains ginkgo extracts and is also excellent for care after sex. Convince yourself. Improved formula: now even more skin-friendly! Paraben-free.80 ml tube.
Price: 20,00 €
XXL spray for men
HOT ★ SEXUAL POTENCY XXL SPRAY FOR MEN 50 ML. XXL Spray containing Ginkgo, Ginseng & Aloe Vera. Works ideally in combination with the XXL Massage cream. With special extracts which stimulate blood circulation. The spray increases the depthening effect.
Price: 20,00 €
HOT XXL ENHANCEMENT CREAM for men. More volume and more fun for the most beautiful thing in the world. Massage cream with cosmetic lipofilling effect, soy protein, macadamia and olive oil.
Price: 20,00 €
Intt's "Greek Kiss" is a gel created to stimulate the partner's anus with the tongue, in addition to providing small vibrations, refreshment, excitement and relaxation.

With mint flavor, it is a great option for foreplay.

Contains: 17ml

How to Use: Apply 3 sprays to the anus and make the "Greek Kiss". Preliminaries / Vibrate / Cool / Excite
Price: 20,00 €
A worldwide best seller for years. Trust the oldest name in the industry. Optimise your erection capacity in days! Improves muscle tissue. Increases girth and length. Aids erection.
Price: 20,00 €
It is a fabulous vibrator that you can place both on the finger and on the tongue, and make or make you feel, orgasmic and pleasurable sensations.

It has a really powerful vibration motor that creates very intense vibrations.
It simply works with a button, so its ease of use improves the comfort of the product.


It works with 1 L754F battery included, which you can also buy in the batteries section.

It is recommended the use of waterfeel water based lubricant and for a perfect conservation clean it with water and finish with the waterfeel toycleaner sterilizer.
Price: 10,00 €
Gold Max Pink Capsules for Women
Gold Max Pink Capsules for women where formulated to increase female libido.
Goldmax Pink is a Food Supplement for women and is not a substitute for a healthy diet. Not suitable for pregnant or lactating mothers.

The Gold Max Capsules for women are one of the most convenient natural options around. These capsules can also help to increase orgasm strength and sexual stamina. Simply take 1 easy-to swallow capsule 45 minutes before sexual activities.

Gold Max Pink supports female sex drive naturally
Gold Max Pink can also increase orgasm strength
Gold Max Pink is made from 100% natural ingredients
Discreet, convenient and easy-to-swallow
What are Gold Max Capsules for women?

Although, there are plenty of libido enhancers in the market, most of them are loaded with heavy chemicals. Gold Max Pink pills are suitable to be consumed by all adult women and can boost the urge to have sex by supporting reproductive mechanisms of the body.

What do the ingredients have to offer?

The ingredients in Gold Max Capsules for women target both the psychical and mental conditions to support sexual desire. Ginseng is traditionally known to increase energy in the body while working as an aphrodisiac too. Cistanche Deserticola is another powerful aphrodisiac from Japan to provide you with almost instantaneous benefits. Wolfberry or Goji berry is used in a wide range of herbal sexual remedies due to its traditionally known sexual benefits for both men and women. Although, research still has to verify Goji berry effects, it is a powerful source of many essential vitamins and minerals. Calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamins C and B2 make Gold Max Pink pills more than a libido enhancer.

Ingredients: (mg/capsule)

Ginseng Root; 115mg (25.55%)

Angelica: 88mg (19.55%)

Desert Broom: 85mg (18.89%)

Wolfberry: 60.4mg (13.43%)

Kacip Fatimah: 50mg (11.12%)

Milkvetch Root: 33.6mg (7.46%)

King’s Crown: 18mg (4.00%)

Fast results

As with any natural sexual supplement, the time it takes to start seeing results will vary with each individual user. Most users are able to experience results within 30-45 minutes of taking the natural supplement. Do not exceed one capsule in any 24 hour period.

How should I use Gold Max Pink for women?

This supplement is strictly designed for ease of use prior to sex. Unlike other formulation, you do not need to consume pills daily, just take a pill 45 minutes before sexual activities with plenty of water.

Is it safe to use?

This 100% natural diet supplement is free of any kind of unwanted side effects but if you suspect any risk of allergies, please go through the detailed list of ingredients. Gold Max Capsules for women should not be consumed by women with chronic medical condition however, or by men.

The effect of this product varies in each individual and a distinct result can never be guarranteed. This product is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or health condition and is NOT a substitute for a healthy diet. Do not exceed recommended intake. Store in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
Price: 10,00 €
Super Dragon 6000 Spray
Super Dragon 6000 is an effective desensitizing spray for men with premature ejaculation. It also has a cool name, which helps make it feel more acceptable to use.

With 10% lidocaine, it has a strong numbing action and you can apply it just a few minutes before having sex. It helps you last considerably longer during sex.
As always with these spays, it takes some trial and error to work out the right dosage and exactly where to rub it in. But once you’ve tested it a few times, it’s very easy to use.

Strong numbing
Small and discreet bottle
Starts to work in just 5-10 minutes
Lasts for over an hour
Can be used with or without a condom
Price: 20,00 €
Cum Plus contributes to a healthy sperm mobility and quality, while it stimulates the sperm production
Cum Plus supports the testosterone level in a natural way and has a positive effect on the fertility, sexual organs and physical well-being
it contributes to a healthy sperm quality and stimulates the sperm production
Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin E and L-carnitine improve the fertility and have a great effect on the libido
Cum Plus contains Gluten and is a herbal, vitamin, mineral and amino acid preparation
Take 3 capsules once a day with sufficient water. Content: 30 capsules.
Price: 23,00 €
These tablets contain a balanced formulation of natural ingredients that promote the sexual desire and support the physical well-being.

Maca Root Powder is well-known as herbal aphrodisiac and ensures an effective sexual stimulus. Maca contains a high amount of tyrosine and phenylalanine. These amino acids are kind of a preliminary stage of the neurotransmitters in the brain that have a positive effect on sexual desire.

Niacin plays an important role in the healthy function of the nervous system and contributes to an optimal energy supply of the body.

The ingredients Tribulus Terrestris, Sarsaparilla, Pumpkin Seed, Nettle Leaf, Catuaba Bark, Siberian Ginseng, Zinc and Oats support the production and release of hormones and help to regulate the concentration of sexual hormones, including testosterone. These hormones are essential for the maintenance of the natural sexual desire in both men and women

American Ginseng and Ginger Root have a positive effect on the libido and physical performance.

Muira Puama improves the blood circulation of the body and the blood flow to the genitals. Cayenne Pepper and L-arginine also stimulate an optimal blood flow in the genitals what enhances the sexual desire.

Kola Nut contributes to a maximal energy supply of the body and help against fatigue. Calcium is an essential mineral which supports a proper function of the muscles and transmission of impulses to the nerves.

Supports the sexual desire and lust.


Supports the sexual desire
Supports the sexuality
Reduces fatigue and supports a healthy energy supply of the body
Venicon for Women is specifically formulated to meet the sexual needs of women. This unique balanced formula based on high quality herbs, vitamins and minerals gives more energy and contains natural aphrodisiac to increase the sexual desire.
Price: 10,00 €
Quantity :
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