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Sex Fortunes Card Game by Kheper Games
Tarot Cards for Lovers! Mystify your lover by accurately predicting tonight’s sexual future with Sex Fortunes. Deal out your lover’s 10 card fortune as a fortune teller would, then act out the fortunes he or she wants to come true. Includes 78 Sex Fortune Cards and an illustrated instruction booklet.
Price: 12,00 €
Weed Card Game, by Kheper Games
As you build your garden, you also try to prevent other players from establishing healthy crops. You can plant Dandelions in someone else's garden, Steal plants and even Bust another player for possession. Five plant cards in your garden closes the round, but watch out for Potzilla who can destroy it all.
Price: 10,00 €
Erotic Foot Fetish Fantasy Kit
Product Details For those that love feet, this erotic kit is for you. Inside you will find a special guide to help you fulfil all your foot fetish fantasies. Set the mood with the tea lights included. Start with a gentle foot rub with the warming massage oil and foot cream. Tickle gently with the feather and nibble of the sizzling foot candy. When you've had your wicked way with your lover's feet, finish off with the refreshing wet wipe
Price: 28,00 €
Potheads Against Sanity card game, by Kheper games
The game of insane question and answer match-ups! Compete to come up with the most INSANE matching answers possible! Players take turns asking questions or making fill-in-the-blank statements while other players submit hilarious answers. The funniest answer wins!! Includes: 96 Insane Questions and 107 Insane Answer cards, an 8-sided die, and rule card
Price: 12,00 €
THC Game, bu Kheper Games
The psychedelic game of pot-themed challenges and dares. The winner is the first player to make it to the marijuana clinic. Game Includes: a 7 3/8 in. x 8 3/4 in. gameboard, 4 game markers, a joint-shaped spinner, and easy-to-follow game rules. Game Includes: a 7 3/8 in. x 8 3/4 in. game board, a joint-shaped spinner, 4 game markers, and easy-to-follow game rules.
Price: 20,00 €
Intimate Encounters Date Nights Multi Os
100 ways to keep your dates interesting! Whenever you need a date night idea, select an idea stick. Read both sides of the stick with your significant other and choose the one you wish to carry out. Note: You may wish to display these sticks in a decorative bowl or plate. Includes: 50 sticks with 100 creative ideas.
Price: 15,00 €
Lets Fuck Card Game Multi Os
The quick and easy game that gets you laid! Includes 48 Let's F... Cards, 4 Let's Fck Wild Cards, and rules for 3 games: Fck Fortunes, Match & Fck, and Personal Fck Questions. One size fits most
Price: 8,00 €
Lets Fool Around Card Game Multi Os
A romantic card game for two players OR a kinky party game for a group of uninhibited friends. If you feel like being kinky, invite some friends over and use the game cards to perform dares and sexy actions on each other.
Price: 10,00 €
Get Drunk Dice Drinking Game
Get Drunk Drinking Game, Hens Stag or Office Party. Adult Fun
Price: 5,00 €
Throw away those thongs from Victoria Secret and that package bulging Speedo you bought while on holidays and ignite your sex life with Fundies:Underpants For Two.
The large underwear features two sets of legs and two rears so you and your significant other can slip into something a little more comfortable. You can squeeze together and get closer to a person than you ever thought possible.
Be careful! Many product testers reported strong inclinations towards periods of nudity and shortness of breath following the wearing of Fundies lol

Price: 10,00 €
How to Have Great Sex for the Rest of Your Life
Product Details The secrets of maintaining a healthy sex life in a long-term relationship. Sex in long-term relationships is regarded by most of the media as unglamorous, dutiful – and definitely not exciting. In a society that’s overloaded with overtly sexual images, it’s easy to imagine that the rest of the world is having a much better sex life than you and your partner. And many couples do suffer a loss of libido after a number of years. But the message of this book is that sex doesn’t have to become boring or routine. Not only can you re-kindle your sex-life, but the sex you can have with your long-term partner can be the best sex of your life, no matter what your age or the number of years you have been together. Val Sampson has written for many leading newspapers and magazines, including The Times and Good Housekeeping; her latest book was the best-selling Tantra: The Art of Mind-Blowing Sex 009189476x (Vermillion). Julia Cole is a leading psychosexual therapist; her latest book was How to Stay Together Forever
Price: 15,00 €
Slave to the machine
Product Details Cyber sex has never been so good! Melody wakes up from plastic surgery to find its not only her body that has changed to look like a sex doll, she has to behave like on too.
Price: 16,00 €
Foreplay Book
Product Details Foreplay, with all its wonderful possibilities, is the true expression of romantic love. Sensual, erotic, seductive � the essential elements of passion that create the pre-eminent intimate experience; euphoric adulation for you and your partner! To master the art of foreplay is to appreciate the beauty of life. This comprehensive guide will show you how to satisfy your partner.
Price: 15,00 €
Neighbourhood Watch
Product Details Cedar View looks like any other sleepy cul-de-sac in the heart of suburbia. Trees line the sides of the road. The gardens are neat and well maintained. But behind the tightly drawn curtains of each house the neighbours indulge their lewdest and bawdiest appetites. It’s not just the dominatrix at number 5, the swingers at number 6 or the sadistically sinister couple at number 4 who have secrets. There’s also the curious relationship between the Smiths, the open marriage of the Graftons, not to mention the strange goings-on at the home of Denise, a woman whose lust is never sated. Everyone on Cedar View has a secret - and they’re all about to be exposed.
Price: 13,00 €
Sex Positions 101
Product Details This book concentrates on the most commonly asked questions that couples have when it comes to wanting great sex. Inside you will find great tips, techniques, diagrams, games and even a few sexy secrets! This book comes with an inflatable wedge pillow that can be used to enhance love making
Price: 12,00 €
How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure
Product Details Men need help! They are often expected to 'just know' how to please a woman, while women are frequently reluctant to say what they really want. How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure is a sex guide written especially for men. This book is packed with tips on creating the ideal romantic atmosphere, finding her elusive erogenous zones, and mastering the delicate art of foreplay. Written by 'sexpert' Lou Paget, this refreshingly honest guide tells men all they need to know. Contains over 70 illustrations - Step by step explanations of where to touch and how - Written in a (tastefully) explicit style - Based on the sex secrets of hundreds of men and women Lou Paget is one of America's most popular 'sexperts'. She has fifteen years of sexuality research and extensive experience as a sex educator. Lou has run sell-out Sexuality Seminars since 1993, and writes regularly for magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Playboy
Price: 15,00 €
Oral Sex 101
Product Details The complete guide to oral sex! Make sure you're using all the sensual gifts that your mouth possesses. This book is based on the most frequently asked questions out there. Inside you'll find tips, techniques, diagrams, games and even a few secrets you should know! Comes with FREE flavoured ID lubricant
Price: 12,00 €
NAUGHTY Guide to Sexy Fun
Product Details This book is about pleasure and how to take your love life to a new dimension. More Leather than lace, more kink than kissing, explore your naughty side and see if being trust up is something that awakens your desires... A perfect guide to liberated sexual fun!
Price: 16,00 €
Black Lace Quickies Three
Not all pleasure is of this world … Tessa likes to ride hard and be put away wet … A sonata can get inside a girl’s soul … Some women go thrill-seeking underground … Who would believe that a shed could be a pleasure palace for Tamara … Some girls do more than just admire a hot chef … Indulgent, sensual, taboo, outrageous and always erotic, Black Lace short stories are the best in modern sexy fiction. Filled with hard hitting, mouth watering, sizzling hot action!
Price: 14,00 €
Potheads Against Sanity | GAME T
The game of insane question and answer match-ups made for the counter-culture!
Compete with other players to come up with most insane matching answers possible.
Players take turns asking questions or making fill-in-the-blank statements while other players submit hilarious answers. The funniest answer wins.
Contents : 96 insane questions and 107 insane answer cards, an 8-sided die and rule card.
Price: 15,00 €
Pick up lines
101 best pick up lines
Price: 8,00 €
Fetish Fantasy Synthetic Feathers
One touch from these seductively soft feathers and youll know why we call them fun! Tease, tickle, and titillate your lover with each sensuous stroke!
Price: 9,00 €
Ladyboy Stripper Mug
Ladyboy Stripper Mug
Price: 12,00 €
Adult Naughty Potty Word Find
Naughty Potty Word Finds & Other Fun Crap Hard Book

Includes Pen to write with & Pad to wipe off the Ink So can be re-used

12 Activities to Liven Up Long Potty Breaks

Great Fun Gift
Price: 7,00 €
Stripper Mug
Stripper Mug
Price: 12,00 €
Booby China Mug Novelty Joke Funny Stag Party
Like Boobs? Like Tea? Well we have the perfect mug for you then! Have a drink in our china' Booby Mug! Like a surrealist piece of Bauhaus art, this Booby Mug is perfect for important office meetings, having tea with your parents and giving to your boss as a Secret Santa gift. Whether you want to keep pens in it or drink hot milk out of it, the Booby Mug certainly makes a bold statement. Why not get a set of 6 for when the lads are around for tea lol Booby Mugs make ideal gifts for Stag Nights, sexy stocking fillers and or when a friend needs a bit of a giggle. The Booby Mug is a china cup with a Sexy lady shaped handle * It measures approx 10.5 cm x 8 cm x 13 cm * Great gifts for ages 18 to 180! Why not create a naught Birthday Hamper for a friend? Our Booby Mug makesis perfect for any hot beverage!
Price: 12,00 €
Looking for a hen party game that will get your hens giggling, and spice up your party a little? Well, look no further than these sexy man playing cards, which bring all the hilarity and sexiness of a male stripper, with half the awkwardness of the real thing!

The Sex Male Playing Cards are Great for:

Keeping the hens entertained while travelling.
Drinking games and dares during pre-drinks.
Adding a touch of spice and hilarity to your night on the town at a club or bar.
Set contains a typical deck of playing cards, with saucy male images on each.
Comes presented in a standard storage box, with topless male design.
Strictly an 18+ game.
Price: 8,00 €
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